E nanea at SALT.

Spend some time and relax at the new SALT at Our Kaka‘ako. SALT is a city block driven by passionate chefs, artists and entrepreneurs. From the hottest eateries to one-of-a-kind events, SALT is a local gathering place to eat, shop and have fun.


Named after the pa‘akai (‘Ōlelo Hawai‘i for “salt”) ponds that once dotted the low-lying wetlands of this area, SALT at Our Kaka‘ako is Honolulu’s epicenter for local culture, food, shopping and innovative events. Comprising of 85,000 square-feet of curated retail, restaurant and mixed-use space, SALT is a dynamic city block designed for exploration and engagement. SALT is the 2018 winner of the Shopping Center of the Year (SCOTY) award, presented by the International Council of Shopping Centers.

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With Great Purpose

In 1884, Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop left a precious gift to her people – 375,000 acres of ancestral land to be used for the purpose of educating her people. The great-granddaughter and last direct descendant of King Kamehameha I, Princess Pauahi had witnessed the decline of the Hawaiian population and determined – with great foresight and vision – that education would be the key to its survival. Today, her endowment continues to effectively serve thousands of Hawaiian learners, in Hawaiʻi and beyond, through Kamehameha Schools, a private charitable educational trust. The enduring mission of Kamehameha Schools is to improve the capability and well-being of Native Hawaiians through education.

While the majority of the endowed land that funds Kamehameha Schools is dedicated to agriculture and conservation, 29 acres are located in urban Honolulu, home to SALT at Our Kakaʻako. SALT, a project of Kamehameha Schools, was born of the desire to serve the growing urban neighborhood of Our Kakaʻako with a quality collection of stores, restaurants and businesses – many locally owned – while helping to advance the financial goals of the trust. SALT, along with other KS commercial real estate projects, helps fund mission-critical educational programs statewide.

SALT at Our Kakaʻako is proud to reflect the rich history of the endowed land on which it is built. From a time when early Hawaiian communities saw tremendous value in the area’s salt ponds to today’s contemporary, thriving Our Kakaʻako landscape, the land continues to serve its people with great purpose.

To learn more about Kamehameha Schools, its mission and accomplishments, visit ksbe.edu.

About Kamehameha Schools

Founded in 1887 by the legacy of Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop, Kamehameha Schools (KS) is a private, educational, charitable trust committed to improving the capability and well-being of Native Hawaiian people through education. KS envisions a thriving lāhui where learners, grounded in Christian and Hawaiian values, grow into ʻōiwi leaders who inspire and contribute to their communities, both locally and globally.” For more information, visit www.ksbe.edu and connect via Facebook and Instagram (@kamehamehaschools) and Twitter (@ksnews).