From the heart of Waipahu, Shay’s Filipino Cafe is a throwback to the days of the plantation lifestyle.  All kinds of folks worked at the plantation and they all had to get along.  The easiest ways to do that was sharing  a bit of home cooking.  Noodles and Manapua from the Chinese, Fish and Poi from the Hawaiians, Steak from the mainland, Sushi and Tempura from Japan, and Malasadas from the Portugese.  From the Land of a Thousand Islands comes Adobo and Lovely Smiles!  Please make yourself at home, viewing some of the old pictures from around the island, memorabilia to talk and laugh at, and of course, the food.  Our family invites you to come and enjoy the food made by loving hands and joy in our hearts.  Share a little culture and a full stomach when you leave.