Happiness U is the only business in the state of Hawai‘i that provides in-person inspiration and high-level guidance for modern-day life. Offers include a variety of classes and programs that focus on positivity, personal growth, and self-development. Happiness U welcomes anyone who wants to up their positive focus, get more out of life, and move through challenges with less stress. Happiness U is a fun, friendly, and casual environment that will help you thrive in today’s stress-filled world. The Happiness U team are experts at what we do and love inspiring others to embrace positive new perspectives.

Happiness U is the innovative and original concept of award-winning author, MidWeek and Star-Advertiser columnist, and expert life guide, Alice Inoue (aliceinoue.com). Her vision for a place where people can learn how to change their life for the better has manifested in a place that can be incorporated as part of a wellness lifestyle. Happiness U also serves the corporate community by providing training to help organizations of all sizes increase inspiration and positivity.